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Customer Services Center

Delta Telecom created Customer Services Center for providing technical support services to customers. This service operates during 24 hours, and according to biographies meets with members. Incoming calls to the company are answering by the operators. According to the complaints are being opened tickets, being investigated and solved the problem. Planned works are notified to customers by the use of e-mail. Commutator and calls about indicated services ‘re answered and discrepancy being registered.

For this purpose, was created Help Desk program. Help Desk program make opportunity to register customer and users complaints. This solutions intended for the technical customers and service support during 24 hours.

Help Desk based on web interface and manage by the use of browser. Help Desk program make opportunity to check up application which received to users email, also the internal complaints and tickets received to company.

Customer Services Center's phones:
+994 12 431 14 20; (internal)107;
+994 12 404 12 12;
Mobile: 050-203-12-95;
E-mail: noc@delta-telecom.net; noc@az-ix.net