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Delta Telecom Web solutions aimed at increasing the Azerbaijan-language content in Azerbaijan and in the world and enrich their various information public, social, scientific, technological, telecommunications and entertainment.

The existence of a web page, fully compliant with modern web standards is a critical factor for any business or company, regardless of the type of activity. With this in mind, Delta Telecom offers customers a web development projects, design, programming, content, translation and advertising, as well the development of commercials.

Accordingly, the area of the client, design group Delta Telecom are developing a graphic template for future Web pages, following the symbols, logos and colors of the company. After confirmation of each element of the developed web pages, software lead to the desired page is dynamic, interactive form, create a database and, optionally, an administrative panel for managing content web pages, while ensuring complete safety of the page.

During the short duration of the web department of Delta Telecom created a new national custom video content in Azerbaijan www.azeritube.az, children's national website www.bebe.az , Delta The main goal of Delta Telecom Data Center is to develop the national content and to host all of them in our country and to provide each data with high level security www.datacenter.az, National Online TV-www.muz-tv.az; "Yeni Azerbaycan" Social and political online newspapers- yeniazerbaycan.com; as the official site of Delta Telecom, so was also created software for Call Center Help Desk.

Future plans include the creation of electronic systems for managing and automating the work of the company and we are confident our staff will work tirelessly to achieve their goals.

For more questions: web@delta-telecom.net