Certificate ISO 9001:2000

Delta Telecom Ltd has been certified by ISO 9001:2000 the certificate which granted to companies in number of countries for quality management systems. Delta Telecom has successfully passed through the certified audit of the quality of management system in telecommunication field. As per results of quality audit the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate with registration number 804523107 and validity from 03.02.2009 to 15.09.2011 was presented to Delta Telecom.

The certification was performed by GLOBAL GROUP, the International Certification Authority. The Quality Management System of our company affords a capability to monitor and control the quality of rendering services. Every new project presents to our customers after multilevel tests.

The services provided by Delta Telecom Ltd are conforming to the international standards. The following conditions are fulfilled during rendering of the services to our customers:
- Works over the projects taking into account an individual requirements and peculiarities of the customers;

- Full information provision;

- Consultation;

- Providing services within required timeframe.

- Our main aim is to go beyond quality expectation of our customers and to present up-to-date services.

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