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Canadians intend to cover planet with satellite Internet

Within the implementation of the Project CommStellation, Canadian Microsat Systems Canada Inc (MSCI) intends to provide the planet with complete coverage of the Internet by launching tens of satellites in Earth orbit. In total, MSCI plans to put 84 small low-orbit apparatus in six orbital planes.
Unlike 3G and 4G-network, project CommStellation will provide global coverage of the entire planet and web access to regions of the planet still lacking connectivity.
The company announced it would offer low prices for Internet tariffs on a variety of related services. Besides cheapness, thanks to the large number of satellites, the system has a wide resource in terms of failure-resistance. Thus, in case of outage of one satellite, terrestrial equipment will immediately switch to another one.
It should be noted that a similar idea for a project called 03b (“the other 3 billion”) is already carried out by a number of organizations and corporations. Company Google is amongst them. Project 03b must provide as much as 3 billion people with Internet who for various reasons do not have access to the Global network.

2011-02-23 ||www.lenta.ru