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Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG)

The third meeting of Europe Persia Express Gateway (EPEG) Consortium was held in Azerbaijan on 1st November. Technical Director of Delta Telecom Rahid Alakbarli that opened the meeting by opening words noted the significance of the event. Delivering speech at the event Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov said that currently Azerbaijan develops with high economical exponentials. Information and Communication Technology has been announced priority field in Azerbaijan. Projects according to ICT field have being improved. President of Azerbaijan Republic pays extensive attention to this field. Our country participates in many international projects. At the same time projects on ICT field have been carried out successfully. The event has been attended by representatives of “RosteleCom” (Russia), “Telecommunication Infrastructure Company” (Iran), and “Omantel“(Oman), “Cable and Wireless” (England) and representative of Azerbaijan Delta Telecom. The discussed the "Europe Persia Express Gateway" (EPEG) cable magisterial project. Remind that, the first meeting of the consortium was held in Tehran, the second in Moscow. The very large capacity, high-quality communication channels will be delivered from Europe to Oman – starting from Germany’s Frankfurt city through Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Oman. “This route is the shortest way – alternative of undersea cables between Europe and Asia. Azerbaijan has been selected both as a main and reserve transit route in this project”. Deputy Prime Minister Abid Sharifov noted that Delta Telecom Company, which participates in the project on the Azerbaijani side, has great potential. By taking successful implementations of several projects in this sphere, we believe that the company will cope with this project too. Delta Telecom has special role in that Azerbaijan takes the leading places in global rating indicators for network technologies. Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other countries use the infrastructure of this company as a transit. Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Iltimas Mammadov briefed the meeting participants on achievements in ICT sector of the country and he noted that the modernization of telecommunication networks in the country was completed. Next Generation Technologies also have been applied. All kind of electronic ATS has been settled in most faraway villages. Communication between regions and Intercity has been transferred to the Latest Technologies. Unit numeration system is being applied in all regions of the country. In the villages, in the cities, even in the mobile communication sectors are being used seven digit numbering. This new system answers all the requirements and principles about numbering of International Telecommunication Union. For the first time among the CIS countries, Azerbaijan has achieved such great success. Deputy Prime Minister said that the building of optic cable in outlandish villages has been completed and the installation work of analogical cables in other faraway villages being actively carried out. The consonant project covered using of broadband internet in outlandish villages is getting prepared. The Director of Delta Telecom Ramazan Veliyev and the EPEG chairman Vsevolod Korjayev underlined the importance of project and said that this project will be successfully carried out. The design capacity of the new EPEG system will be up to 3.2 Tbps with total length approx. 10,000 km. The value project estimated in $ 200 billion. The system will be put in operation in May, 2012.