The Delta Telecom VSAT network provides telephony, satellite communications, and Internet services to hundreds of villages located in regions and mountainous areas. With the help of this network, you can transmit the Internet, voice (voice messages), data (data) with speeds from 256 kbit/s to 4 Mbit. The upload speed (receiving channel) is 256 KB/PS and 512 kb/PS, and the download speed (transmitted channel) is 30 mb/PS.

This year, our company, on the basis of an agreement with Azercosmos Open Joint Stock Company dated 05.09.2018, commissioned the Jupiter central satellite communication system, which makes it possible to effectively use the resources of Azerspace satellites and provide all types of communication services in any place where there are no other land lines. The system works on all antennas with international certificates of 9.3 and 5.6 meters for redundancy purposes. The Jupiter central satellite communication station allows you to create an encrypted communication channel with any point of coverage of Azerspace satellites. Currently, it provides various types of communication services to more than 500 points owned by public and private institutions.