Corporative Networks
Delta Telecom Corporate network is a type of network that provides centralized management of corporate clients regardless of their location.
Corporate network is an ideal solution for centralized management of enterprises, departments and administrative offices that are remote from each other.
By means of a Corporate Network (CS), it is possible to create an information network of corporate clients and transmit their DATA (for example, electronic documents, voice messages, video images, and etc.).
Modern corporate networks provide various types of services. These services include DATA transmission to corporate clients, high-speed Internet and IP telephony services, as well as security and stability control of corporate networks.
Corporate clients are constantly expanding their networks by adding new offices and branches. For this reason, they need networks with a wider network geography.
Delta Telecom's corporate network through its Carrier Ethernet network covers the whole of Azerbaijan from north to south, from east to west of the region. The Corporate Network is able to provide its customers with high-quality, high-speed and high-performance network services, and also has a wide geographical area.
The purpose of the Corporate Network is to create a unified information space within the enterprise. In other words, to create a mutual connection between points located at different nodes and ensure their connection with their centers. The main purpose of the CS is to ensure the effective use of the corporate governance system by the company's employees.
Large scale - Corporate client networks are connected to a large number of complex interconnected sites on a large territory;
Using global connections - When building corporate client networks, all types of global connections are used to connect remote locations with headquarters, including IP telephony channels, satellite communication networks;
Reliability - control of high reliability of data transmission in corporate networks;
Management requirements - the large scale of the CS requires precision in its management. One of these requirements is to promptly approach the problems that arise in the COP and try to eliminate the problems that have arisen;
Operability - Numerous technical issues arise during the design of the CS (the choice of the CS cable system, the type of global communication, coordination of various network architectures, issues of network structuring based on various communication equipment).
One of the main goals of the Corporate Network is to provide operational service to our corporate clients.
The Corporate Department provides high-quality services to its corporate clients, solves their network problems in a timely manner, provides high-quality, reliable and operational services.