Virtual Servers


Virtual Private Server - virtual dedicated server is similar to ordinary dedicated server in its capabilities. Some virtual server can be placed in one physical server that can significantly reduce essential expenses and, consequently, the cost of services. Each VPS has root-access, own IP address and firewall. In fact, this is a completely different and separate server with all features of a single physical server. You can control originally your web server and mail services, and you can also install your own software as well. By the opening new Data Center, our company will enter VPS services market with new unique offers.


Our planning fees for virtual servers are 30 % cheaper than other hosting-companies. Delta Telecom company increased its RAM for two times completely free for all customers that has VPS plan. The traffic is unlimited. Also the performances of all virtual servers that have the possibility of additional processor have been increased in all VPS plans. You can spend a lot of time in search of a better offer, but we offer you the best solution - here and now!



  RAM (GB) CPU Storage (GB) Price (AZN)
Standart  1 1 50 30


for more

CPU 1 core 10 AZN
Storage 50 GB 20 AZN


with out VAT