The main purpose of creating the Delta Telecom data center is to develop and host Azerbaijani-language content in our country, as well as to ensure the security of every piece of information.

Huge investments have been made and continue to be made to build and manage the data center at a high level. The infrastructure is equipped with platforms based on the most modern technologies.

A customer applying for Delta Telecom data center hosting purchases a domain (website name) and then forwards that domain to our servers where the website will be hosted. After being redirected to a web page, the client is presented with a "username" and "password" control panel. Through this control panel, the client can create an email address, a password for uploading files, etc. After writing a web page addressed to this host and prepared, this page will be allowed to access the Internet.


Our main strategy is to host and maintain hundreds of sites in our data center and further develop content in Azerbaijani.

hosting capacity (monthly) price (AZN)
1 2 GB 11.00
2 5 GB 16.00
3 10 GB 25.00
4 20 GB 37.00
5 30 GB 56.00
6 40 GB 73.00
7 50 GB 84.00
  VAT +18% paid hosting tariffs are designed for free domain registration, e-mails in numerous accounts and other services.


service name (monthly) qty Price (AZN)
1 Addon domain 1 1.5
2 DNS parking 1 1.5
  VAT   +18%