Backup and Recovery

Unfortunately, any necessary data may be lost forever because of the mistake of human, or equipment failure or result of malware. It does not mean that it will happen with your site or we are not sure the work of our servers.

Backup data is always necessary process for quickly and full restore of the data in any case of emergency.

Many projects grow day by day, so the cost of content and data bases cannot be assessed within any frame. How can we evaluate the data collected in many years? Are you on the alert to lose all of these in a minute?
Our experts strongly recommend you to protect yourself from unexpected circumstance like as the loss of data. Otherwise even Raid can’t help you to retrieve of data.

We are ready to provide you with maximum comfortable condition for working on backups. Therefore the servers that keep your information are placed in the same room along with your project in data center. The traffic between the servers functions quickly and does not go out step of our internal network, at the result this process influence positively on the speed of copying.

The suitable scheme of backup recovery is available for all our customers – simply we provide FTP-account in embodied volume. If you need more place during the work - you can use it immediately, and the change in the cost of service will be taken into account in the next payment time. This form allows you to decide independently that which content needs to reserve, and the frequency of backup.
Anytime you will be able to restore wholly the correct version of the kept data.

Automatically all information will be copied from the server and backup recovery will be performed by your specialist. This scheme is suitable for people who are not ready to manage all of this process freely and to be in charge of professional backup recovery. Customers will independently monitor the backup process.

The organization of remote or local backup


Local backup- recovery service is provided to customers which equipments are placed in our data center. For providing of these services customer’s equipment has to be connected to the customer service network of data center.

One of the advantages of Remote backup is that: It is not important to place the equipments in data center for backup of resources located outside of DC.

The cost of this service is calculated according to packets. The price depends on the volume of disk space calculated for backup of data.