It has a wide, powerful network covering all regions of Azerbaijan and organizing the transfer of all types of data within the country. Mesh topology provides completely stable and uninterrupted communication services over a direct communication channel. Also, through technologies that meet the most advanced and latest requirements, high-quality DATA and Internet services with a bandwidth of 1 Gbit, 10 Gbit, 100 Gbit are provided to public institutions, private enterprises and organizations, the banking sector, Internet service providers. All services are encrypted between two points with support for IP/MPLS technology and transmitted quickly and securely. The main network equipment is connected to each other over 100 and 400 Gigabit connections, which in turn provides greater bandwidth and network speed. In addition, connections in all directions are reserved via 2, 3 or more alternative channels, which ensures the reliability of the network. The network also uses the latest MPLS, SDWAN and other network technologies to provide services to users up to the "last mile". Our specialists are constantly improving their experience, knowledge and skills by participating in certification, international events and seminars. Mutual cooperation and exchange of experience with such companies as Nokia, Juniper, Huawei, Iskratel, Cisco and other vendors is carried out.

Thanks to round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, our highly qualified specialists provide individual service to each of our users on an ongoing basis.