Backbone IP network, international Internet network

The Delta Telecom Internet backbone is a network system that provides the output of Internet traffic from major Internet providers in Azerbaijan and neighboring countries to the global Internet via existing international channels.

The Internet backbone was first created in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus by Delta Telecom and has been expanded in recent years. The peculiarity of this created highway is that it belongs to international Internet channels in full in several directions. Delta Telecom equipment in data centers located in three major European countries has connections with many major international operators, as well as with several major international operators in Russia. It can also be noted that the connections between our equipment located in our regions are fully reserved. This means that even in the event of damage to these international or domestic channels in any emergency situation, Azerbaijani Internet users will not face any problems. Currently, the total throughput of our international and domestic connections exceeds 1 terabit/s. The volume of Internet traffic used by end users does not exceed 30% of the total volume.

As the number of Internet users in Azerbaijan increases and their needs for various Internet content, the Internet capacities used also increase. Delta Telecom cooperates with international operators Delta Telecom cooperates with the world's leading Internet and content operators. These include content operators such as FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, including Internet operators such as TeliaSonera, CWW, SEABONE, DE-CIX, LINX, AMS-IX, DATA-IX, NTT, LEVEL3, COGENT, NETIX, GLOBAL-IX, TTK, ROSTELECOM, and etc . Also, such Internet operators as TIC, IRANET (Iran), Alsard (Iraq), CAUCASUS ONLINE, FOPTNET (Georgia) and other international companies cooperate with Delta Telecom.