Placing your server in a data center or Co-location service consists in placing the client's server equipment in a data center and providing it with an anti-tampering system, an uninterruptible power supply, cooling and high-bandwidth communication channels. Unlike shared hosting, where dozens of sites are hosted on 1 server, hosting your own dedicated physical server will significantly speed up your site.
You host a large Internet portal that requires a separate server to operate, or if you want to become a hosting provider yourself, then you need to host your own private server in the data center.
Our staff will not spare any help in setting up your server. The security of a colocation server is greatly enhanced if it is perfectly configured and professionally managed.
If you want to use our service, send us your requests, we will try to prepare an individual offer for you.

Server deployment qty price  total price
  Monthly   AZN AZN
1 Server deployment 30 30.00 30
2 Server deployment 1 Rack 500 500
3 Energy consumption of the server 1kw 67.12 67.12
4 Server cooling energy consumption 1U 5.00 5.00
5 Server cooling energy consumption 1 Rack 134.24 134.24
  VAT     +18 %



       1. The data center complies with TIER2 standards.
      2. The ratio of incoming and generated traffic to the server should be 1:10. In case of violation of this condition, for each additional 1 Mbit / s Internet service, 10.00 AZN + VAT will be applied.
      Those who join the shared accommodation service will be able to use additional paid services.
      - Additional IP address
      - Additional power port
      - Ethernet 1 Gbps
      - Switching client equipment
      - Reboot the system
      - DNS support