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VSAT network of Delta Telecom provides regions and hundreds of villages in the mountainous areas, telephony, satellite communications and Internet services.

In the most remote from the center of villages, camp sites, situated in the woods or at the foot of the mountains, in places where there is no possibility of holding a telephone line with a satellite arranged high-speed Internet, telephony, access to any information.

Network Operations Center located in the Delta Telecom, where possible to observe the entire VSAT network.

Data from the installed VSAT stations are transmitted via satellite to the center, and hence delivers them to the desired location. Customers using the existing network, may themselves create a virtual private network (VPN).

Satellite Communications Network for VSAT Delta Telecom are 3 main elements: a central ground station, satellite and VSAT terminals installed in various locations across the country.

Central ground station provides control over the whole network, distributes the received satellite signals, detects a problem and achieve them with lines of terrestrial communications.

Currently, the center NOC control station equipped with modern servers, which are systematically updated once a year and is equipped with the new software.

In the creation of VSAT network uses the latest technology and with the development of these technologies are being introduced into production.

With our VSAT network can transfer Internet voice (voice), data (data) with speed of 256 kb / ps to 4 M/bit. Upload (transmission) speed of 256 kb / ps to 512 kb / ps, download (receive) speed - 30 Mb / ps.

The rapid development of VSAT networks in Azerbaijan is an indicator of its high consumability.

Compared with last year's figures, in 2009, the year of the number of subscribers increased significantly.

Our stations are installed in many areas of Azerbaijan, as well as in Turkey and Georgia.

Governmental structures, ministries, companies, organizations, service providers, banks and other corporate customers are our customers VSAT network.