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SDH Services

SDH – is the distribution service to customers of divided portable traffic .

  • Local GSM Backhauling - – solutions via satellite enable you to bypass the terrestrial infrastructure and reach the most remote areas, to extend cellular coverage, create a network backbone or a back-up solution for a terrestrial network.
    Geography of service: Azerbaijan, Russian, Asia, Europe
  • IPLC services - IPLC (international private leased period) any part of the geo-located by the organization in various offices around the world used to create interaction between the special secret one line. IPLC Internet access, with business exchange information, videoconference, and other forms of telecommunication can be used for.
  • 2 Mb/s since 10 qb/s up to the growing TDM Ports
  • Transmission services
  • International transit services – are organized together with international channels operatorlarları large international communications.

Between our cooperation operators such as the companies- Russian operator “Rostelecom”, Georgia operators “UTG”, “Fornet”, “Railway”, Turkey operator “Turk telecom” and Iran operator “Iran telecom”.
Overall, our network plays transit network role in a lot of countries of Europe and Asia.