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SDH technology provides the transfer of traffic from 2Mb up to 10 Gb.

Currently, Delta Telecom collaborates with leading international companies. SDH equipment of these companies form a network SDH, covering the whole of the Republic of Azerbaijan and most of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

SDH synchronous digital hierarchy equipment, equipped with special electrical and optical ports, and ensure the transfer of heterogeneous traffic of various sizes, are mounted on the north (Guba), southern (Astara) and western (Kazakh) region of the country.

The basic principle of SDH Delta Telecom is providing the distribution of traffic between points, respectively, per customer request.

Each operator of GSM mobile network using SDH for the unification of regional base-stations. Generally, all mobile operators in Azerbaijan enjoy SDH network and through this network connection, create a service with their customers..

At the same time, SDH network at the international level is used as a transit channel and plays a huge role in the transmission of international traffic.

Today, the SDH network traffic received from Russia, Iran, Turkey and Georgia is transferred from one country to another. Through a network of possible transmission capacity from 2 Mb / s to 10 Gt / s.

SDH network is able to provide clients with a wide range of services. For this reason, Delta Telecom is always an opportunity to develop business relations with neighboring countries.

SDH network is equipped with ports 1/GE (qiqabit internet), through which the 1 Gb of information transmitted within the republic and other countries.

The list of clients using the network services, SDH, include government agencies, private enterprises and companies, ISP Azerbaijan and neighboring countries, banks and other corporate clients.

The purpose of Delta Telecom SDH solutions is to improve the quality of services and the achievement of flexible solutions to possible problems.