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Network Operations Center

NOC (eng. Network Operations Center)- is Network Operations Center. From here ‘s managing ATS, VSAT technology with satellite communication services, some information channel transmission services over a channels at the same time by help of DWDM technology,with SDH and DWDM technology problems which occurred on distribution service to customers of divided portable traffic. In the center installed equipment and our experts have control over them.

Our customers of these areas, at first connect with Call Center.In general, calls which associated all the services of company are included in the Call Center.According to the complaint will be open ticket, if necessary calls will be directed, and shall report certain information etc.

If have done any work according transmission, customers informed by means of email in advance.

NOC Delta Telecom Contact Information:

e-mail: noc@delta-telecom.net
Phone: +994 12 4040478 (Internal number 107); +994 12 4311420