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HR policy

As in modern technology we invest in source of human and estimate. Because we take our power from our employees’s solidarity and team spirit working in our enterprise.

Our partners also consider the interests of enterprise native themselves. Our enterprise has created good opportunities for the cadres of professional and career development.

In selection of personnel we prefer to young people working on their own, professional and personal qualities, disciplined, and sociable.

We are reliable, innovative, responsible, holding ahead the client and selfless.
HR department chief- Esmer Valiyeva speaks about the Delta Telecom:

Delta Telecom is a company operating since 2000.
Delta Telecom, during 10(ten) year period of activity at different stages took an active part in developing an important history of telecommunications in Azerbaijan and today is one of the leading enterprises service to our country. Delta Telecom has developed traditional business culture and applied this culture successfully in enterprise.
Our goal is go to the future with this strong and large enterprises, always keep a step ahead Azerbaijan in rapidly developing field of information technology in the world.