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IP Multimedia Subsystem

IMS - voice over IP network (VoIP) and multimedia services organization providing, put forward by  third generation partnership project (3GPP/3GPP2) and  at the international level is a  adopted  standard. This standard  support   such as GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2000, WLAN equipments, working in of different standards  and  provides  environment of mutual communication of their work and the Department.
IMS technology for the end user voice, text, image, video and all the services listed in the various sessions version’s issuing a summons. Gave  enables to use  hundreds of types of services (supplementary services) .
Delta Telecom  provided on IMS enterprise technology services are:

  • NGN - future generation network
    • An open interfaces for  programming services  
    • For  the searching  information  using opportunities  of  browser
    • The various interest groups to participate in the social-networking opportunities (Social Networking)
    • Site opportunity  Click to Call WEB or WAP, etc.
  • TDM / IP voice -TDM voice traffic to IP network transmission solution
  • Class IV Switch - How a network operator to provide transportation for the transit center organization of traffic  and distribution of calls.
  • Class V Switch-Switches make opportunity  to work directly with the end-user software allows network, classical telephony services in many other additional services.
  • Soft switch- Organization of more easily additional services over different types:
    • The full set of modern telephony services – calls router– keeping, storage, and directing, 3-way conference, the second call, many-branched  subscriber group, etc.
    • Determination any  of city  numbers , calls barring entry or exit, and calls connections  statistics acquisition.
    • Phone with its web-interface and input the activation code through the voice portal application.
    • Voice and multimedia services such as voice mail
  • Video on Demand (Void) (ing., video requirements) (IP-UNICAST) - Handing a video, delivery  system with the subscriber  television programs,videomoies, and individual internet  multimedia server  network.  Video on Demand -though a small electronic videorent.
  • Videoconference- Connect technology  at the same time in this interactive interaction between two or more subscribers . This time they are transferred audio and video information between the mode in real-time .
  • Audio Broadcasting, TV, Internet, SMS, MMS, CHAT, MAIL