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IP Multimedia Subsistem

IMS (ing. - IP Multimedia Subsystem)-IP Mutlimedia Subsistem provides voice, data bases and multimedia over IP.

Technology solutions IMS of the Delta Telecom are open interfaces for programming services, the use of browsers for social networking (Social Networking) and information retrieval, transmission of voice traffic over İP, the organization of the transit center for the traffic of several network operators, creating opportunities to work with a network of end-user by softswitches and numerous additional services at a high level, except for classical telephony service.

Everywhere in Azerbaijan, where there is an internal network, all services IMS real.Application of the republic of modern telecommunications technology, continuous work to meet customer needs in quality and cost-effective communication services and offer customers new communications services is the main purpose of Delta Telecom.

IMS is advanced technology that combines the latest innovations of technology, offering the user to use the most modern types of services that exist in relation to the present day.

As part of our strategy is implemented routing, waiting, call hold, call forwarding, three-way audio and video conferencing, the second call, multiline user group, and other solutions that divert urban numbers to any of the lines, a ban on incoming and outgoing calls, calls and statistics compounds dialed telephone activation code and address to the voice portal through the web-interface.

Currently IMS volume has 20,000 subscribers SIP. Interoffice communication is realized by 2-port STM1.

Customers using IMS, are public entities, private enterprises and organizations, corporate clients.

Voice mail, personal delivery to the subscriber television programs and movies from the media servers on the Internet at the same time creating an interactive mutual relationship between 2 or more subscribers, audio, broadcast, TV, internet, sms, mms, chat, email services is carried out only solution IMS Technology .

IMS is the technology of the future generation. We continue to work to improve the experience and skills of an engineering and technical personnel, improve the quality and type of services provided by the user, based on existing needs.