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Fiber Optiсs

 Advantageous, widespread geographically and able to adapt in all circumstances the decision of fiber optics Delta Telecom satisfy current and future needs of operators.

Towards a solution of fiber optics is the IP-network and broadband technologies, network planning, planning and facilitation during the implementation of new services.

Stable and mobile broadband technology for fiber optics creates opportunities for the use of existing infrastructure and for the benefit and efficiency of business processes.

In order to reduce capital and operating expenses fiber optics offers transport solutions: the development of SDH network, Router, and the integration of transport networks.

Using fiber-optic network you can create solutions for the expansion of new services and upgrade the existing infrastructure of IP-based services through a DWDM solution (combined guide and means of optics).

Delta Telecom fiber optic solutions are created on the latest technologies SDH, DWDM.