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Data Center

Our company is building a great Data Center in the Caucasus region. This Data Center is currently operating with 10% of the all total power. For the development of Internet resources in Azerbaijan, in particular, the national Internet resources services provided in Data Center completely outside the commercial interests of the majority. It should be noted that, today, Delta Telecom's Internet services is used with great interest not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the region.

The main goal of Data Center Delta Telecom is the development of national content and its placement in Azerbaijan and complete security of every information.

To create and manage Data Center at a high level has been invested and continue to invest a great investment. The infrastructure is equipped with a platform based on modern technologies.

Combining multiple physical servers and memory devices at the level of software has opportunity to create virtual server. Each of virtual server can be write operating system or used as individually After writing operating system the server handing to users. The user can write necessary himself software and use it.

Hosting is a allocated place for web pages to access Internet. This place is divided into-Hosting servers. User after buying domain (website name) attracting to our DNS(dns - to provide technical support to each domain-parametric) servers located in our website will be directed down. After directing DNS users is given control panel "user name" and "password". By the use of this control panel user can also create electronic self-address, password to download the files, etc. After writing designed and written web page that hosting this page will be obtained Internet access.

The basic strategy of the Data Centre of Delta Telecom is the placement and storage of hundreds of sites and further development of Azerbaijani-content. For more information visit www.datacenter.az

Placement of equipment Collocation server solution used in the treatment of persons with equipment and ability to independently manage your servers, but do not have space for. In this case, Data Center, which has all conditions for a permanent job server allocates space to accommodate the client's server. Your server will be provided with adequate cooling systems, security and Internet access.

Restore Database - Disaster Backup & Recovery solution suitable for banking systems and to companies with potential risk of information loss. If for any reason, at the time of system problems occur loss of information, you can restore the information by using this service.

Dedicated server solution offers created by our experts and turnkey server. You transferred full control of the server. You can download the necessary software and make the necessary changes for you on the server.

Our Data Center is provided with modern equipment of the world's leading companies, as well as C-Panel control panel for managing hosting.

Data Center current settings are as following:

  • Prosessor: 368 GHz
  • RAM: 384 GB

Data Center is equipped with all safety systems used for facilities and organizations of this type according to international standards.

In the data center, where all servers and equipment to ensure the continued operation of equipment, installed cooling systems, UPS and generators to ensure uninterrupted supply voltage. Just by security at the physical and technical levels. All of this together suggests continuous operation Data Center.

The Center established the most advanced information security systems and monitoringa providing the highest level of protection for databases, operating systems, WEB-applications and other systems of both the Centre and client systems

In the data center using virtualization software created an entirely unified structure that combines high-speed server and storage device of large volumes. Taking advantage of this infrastructure on the basis of Data Center Delta Telecom offers business customers, businesses and individuals high level services::

  • Web;
  • E-mail application;
  • Domain support;
  • Virtual Servers;
  • Broadcasting TV channels over the Internet;
  • Data backup and restoration;
  • Special dedicated servers (Server Colocation (placement of equipment) and the dedicated server;

We are confident that our Data Center will support the future development of individual and commercial online resources, social networks and portals.