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DWDM Network

DWDM technology are used various regions of the world's in communications networks, especially in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In addition, DWDM considered as a reliable technology a solid infrastructure for multiservice and mobile networks.
DWDM transport technology (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) - When high-speed optical transmission over the pair provides.

DWDM traffic transfer of technology for the use of large self-justified.

Currently many operators try to STM-64 equipment and use DWDM technology for the establishment of city networks and highways. DWDM technology allows  to unite  the same non-traffic data transmission.

For this type of traffic are separated itself optical channel or wave length of the itself.

  • DWDM Network Infrastructure is covering all Azerbaijan National Regional Centers and International gateways
  • Creation TDM Networks
  • International IP transit services
  • National IP transit services
  • TDM voice services
  • Leasing lambdas
  • Leasing Ports from 2Mbit to 10Mbit