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DWDM network is a network infrastructure, the largest in Transcaucasia superbackbone and covers all regional centers, and international outlets.

DWDM equipment is used primarily as a transmission system of international and domestic long distance communication.
To ensure traffic across digital channels, high bandwidth and with the possibility of expanding the optical channel DWDM network carries out the construction of inter-regional, regional, or urban trunk transport networks and the establishment by technologies Multiplexing wave of high-speed optical transport networks.

After implementation in 2010 by Delta Telecom Project DWDM + 626 WSS DWDM network covers the whole of Azerbaijan Republic, except in a few areas.

Our goal is to provide a stable connection to existing customers and the integration of Delta Telecom in DWDM + 626 WSS network through the establishment of DWDM equipment in the previously established other areas of our Republic.

DWDM equipment with a pair of optical fibers makes the throughput capacity at 10GB (STM-64), reason beyond each other 96 channels.
When operating in L-band wavelength DWDM network, which allows to transmit one optical channel of several information channels of different frequencies, the maximum number of channels may reach 160.

Delta Telecom traffic goes through Iran, Russia and Turkey on the optical channels.Using DWDM transport technologies speed of information transmission within the country for 40 Gbit / s.

Currently, Delta Telecom DWDM network using WDH technology. WDH technology makes it possible to transmit multiple data channels of different frequencies on a single optical channel. Throughput rate of each channel can be 2 Qbit / ps, 5 Qbit / ps or 10 Qbit / ps.
In general, today the potential opportunity to network throughput reaches 320 Qbit / ps.

DWDM network capable of transmitting high-capacity (THz) over long distances 96 waves, each of which is 10 Gb / s.

When compared to 2009, indicators of international relations of Russia showed 32,5 Gbit / ps, in the 2010th year, these figures reached 50 Gbit / ps. DWDM network organizes the 32 virtual channels, passing through a pair of optical lines.

Today, DWDM network serves government agencies, private and foreign organizations, telecom network, ISP and enterprise customers.

Network only realizes DWDM transmission of multiple information channels of different frequencies on a single optical channel, high bandwidth and ability to provide 100% security, traffic across the digital channels, construction of regional and urban transport backbone, exploitation of technology in a transparent channel optical lines.

In general, DWDM solutions provide the magnitude of such key parameters as the wave number and capacity of optical channels, the number of clients and type of interface.