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State structures

"Delta Telecom Ltd" offers state structures design and realization of telecommunication projects, their implementation of the necessary funds for completion.

"Delta Telecom Ltd" is to provide opportunities enterprise solutions in different parts of the state structures of the territorial-divided to unite with the issues of telecommunications and satellite communications channel with the work through all the divisions. "Delta Telecom Ltd" solutions not only in the economic efficiency of services, tariff plans and compliance with the equipment, but also the structure of the state organizaion communication needs change during training shall be determined by technical and organizational.

  • High-speed Internet / intranet broadband
  • Training and distance learning
  • Corporate video broadcasting and communication
  • Micro declared / paid TV
  • Audio Broadcasting
  • IP multicast, unicast and broadcast
  • DATA
  • Telemedicine
  • Transmission of voice over IP
  • E-school
  • E-business
  • E-mail services
  • Hosting services
  • Video conferencing