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Corporative Networks

Corporate Network Delta Telekom kind of network, providing centralized management of client, regardless of their location.

Corporate Network solution is ideal centrally manage remote from each other enterprises, branches and administrative offices.
Through Corporate Network (COP) may establish an information network of corporate clients and transfer them to a database (electronic documents, voice transmission, video, etc . etc.)

Modern Corporate Network offers a variety of services such as the transfer of the database to corporate clients, high speed internet services IP-telephony and at the same time, control security and network reliability.

Corporate customers began to expand its network, constantly increasing number of new offices and branches. For this reason, the increased need for networks with the widest geography.

Corporate network of Delta Telecom in its Carrier Ethernet network covers the whole of Azerbaijan.Along with a broad geography, Corporate network offers high-speed, high-quality network services.

Purpose of the Corporate network is the creation of a common information space in an enterprise that is creating a connection between enterprises located in different sites and ensure their communications with the center. The primary and most high-priority service, the Corporate network is to provide management employees of the corporate governance of the enterprise .

The corporate network has next the properties:

  • large scale - a network of corporate clients together with each other over a large area multiple complex connected to each other items;
  • use of global communications - the construction of a network of corporate clients to combine the central office with the other remote sites using all kinds of global connections, such as canals IP-telephony, satellite communications network, etc.;
  • Reliability - the control of high reliability in the transmission of information on corporate networks;
  • requirement of network management - large-scale enterprise network requires precision in its management and operational problems encountered with regard to the corporate network and eliminate these problems;
  • Efficiency - during the design of corporate networks there are numerous technical challenges, such as cable system of local networks, certain types of global communication, coordination architecture of networks, the task of structuring a network on the basis of various communication equipments.

One of the main goals of the Corporate network is to provide operational services to corporate clients.

One of the main problems arising during the construction of a corporate network, is organizing a network of channels. Items on the corporate network are distributed over a large area and there is a need to unite among themselves distant from each other offices, branches and other structures. In some cases, the corporate network nodes located in different cities, and in some cases, countries and continents. Principles of building such networks differ from the principles of local area network spanning several buildings. The main differences consist of geographically distributed corporate items using leased lines network. If you create a local network costs are a major purchase of equipment and cables, the construction of geographically distributed networks, the bulk of cost is the cost of leased lines. In this case, rather the presence of optical channel extended from the most conveniently located and close to the office ATS to the node network equipment Delta Telecom. Then, the transfer of information between the nodes takes over Delta Telecom network. Therefore, when creating a network within the city limits, even when you create a small network, you need to use technology that could adapt to the existing network of Delta Telecom and ensure the further expansion of the corporate network.

In the construction of Corporate network using multiple technologies. With the help of the network infrastructure DWDM Delta Telecom network consists of one another corporate clients located in all regional centers. Some of the services provided through the infrastructure provided by DWDM.

Infrastructure Carrier Ethernet and Metro Ethernet networks of Delta Telecom brings together the COP data and professional İP/MPLS services.
Corporate network Delta Telecom provides its customers with network services from 2Mbps up to 10 Gbps.
Our clients include government agencies, banks, news agencies, private companies and enterprises.

For any network security is an important function and it needs some special attention. Each time, increases the importance and complexity of the security transfer of information on corporate networks, used in different locations. This is due to the large number of distributed points over a wide area corporate network, including users with the possibility of unauthorized access to sensitive information. One of the main stages of creating a reliable enterprise network is to build a security policy. The security policy is a collection of documentary management of resolutions designed to protect information and other related resources. Politics security of corporate networks is a rule entry into the network of reserves and control the use, management rules, the future development of the network, etc.