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Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet  network realize Internet delivery to ISP’s  from Internet Backbone and provide high-speedy internet to corporate clients.

Carrier Ethernet network  is one of the developing areas, as well as other areas of Delta Telecom.  Although Carrier Ethernet network the largest network of republic, covers all the capital and republic.
Carrier Ethernet network services to  internet  and  corporate clients, carries out exchange of information between the regional corporate clients. At present, in offices and institutions  documentation of operations carried out by the method of electronic. Fast and secure transportation of information between companies and banks realizes the Carrier Ethernet.

Delta-Telecom Carrier Ethernet network project to be carried out since 2008 and now is covered all the region of the republic.

Our goal to service customers secure, sustainable services  by expanding our network, establishing  the largest network in the region services  to our customers high-quality, reliable service.

Carrier Ethernet network have been supplied with the most modern technological equipment supporting  the  IP / MPLS technologies. IP / MPLS technology in the logical log information - operations performed at the point of encryption is that the information in a reliable, secure way to provide transportation.
Our central Backbone connected to the capital and the regional network through the channels 10 Gbit and 20 Gbit. Currently, along with redundant channels, we use channels with a total capacity of 100 GB / ps. If needed  to, there is an opportunity to increase the channel capacity.

The clients  using  IP/MPLS network  services are government agencies, institutions and organizations, ISPs, companies, banks and other corporate clients.

Having an alternative lines in IP/MPLS network increase the reliability and quality of the network. If any technical or natural disasters and sickness 10 GB/s and 20  GB/s over the Metro Ethernet network crossing the other alternative channel, reduces the channel resistance cases of the minimum.

Carrier Ethernet network carries out  full-reliable, secure, encrypted and a quick exchange of information between the enterprises and departments in the different parts of the republic. During  use of  IP/MPLS technology to customers can use the ports from 1-Mbps to 10 Gb/ps. 

Solving  the problems of clients is carried out by specialists. 24-hour customer service and the clients are assist in resolving the problems of clients.
IP/MPLS network managed by specialists  is always kept under control and observe the statistical data at any time. 

Our  network which supplied the latest technology, modern equipment, also service to clients IP/MPLS Port services.