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XIX Azerbaijani international exhibition of the telecommunication and information technologies BakuTel-2013

On December 2 in the Baku exhibition center the XIX Azerbaijani international exhibition of the telecommunication and information BakuTel-2013 technologies opened.
The president of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev examined an exhibition.
Azerbaijan which has achieved steady growth rates in all directions of economic and social spheres, also rose to level of the world states which are promptly developing in sector of the information and communication technologies (ICT). The growing weight of ICT in economy caused carrying out in recent years in our country of the international actions and conferences in this area. The BakuTel exhibition which has become already tradition is the largest in Kaspiysk and Caucasian regions action in the field of telecommunication, including in spheres of information technologies.
Held this year for the 19th time the BakuTel exhibition within the past years became an important event in the world of telecommunications. Regular participation of representatives of the United Nations, the International telecommunication union and Regional association of communication, and also confirmation by the quality mark of the World association of industrial exhibitions are the factors confirming authority of "BakuTel".
Today the ICT sector promptly develops in our country. The president constantly keeps development of this branch in the center of the attention. The evident certificate of it is the announcement the head of state of 2013 in Azerbaijan "Year of information and communication technologies". Start into an orbit of the first national telecommunication Azerspace-1 satellite became the first significant event "Years of ICT". Activity in the country of the State fund of development of information technologies, Park of high technologies, the Center of electronic safety, the State agency of special communication and information security testifies to stability of the attention shown to this sphere. Recently created University of information technologies already accepted the first students.
Holding a present exhibition and conference within "Year of ICT", inclusion in their program of conference for cybersafety and other actions, wider representation of leading companies increase value of action even more. As a whole, "Year of ICT" especially draws attention in all exposition of the BakuTel-2013 exhibition. And other factors confirming growth of interest to an exhibition, are expansion of the area of a present exposition for 35 percent and participation in "BakuTel-2013" of 300 companies from 28 countries of the world. Other distinctive feature of an exhibition – bigger number of the national stands organized with active support of the Ministry of Communications and information technologies.
To the countries which actively participate every year in an exhibition, this year the USA, Italy, Afghanistan and some other the states joined. Participants of an exhibition also show telecommunications and networks, broadband communication and technologies, a cable and wireless communication, satellite communication and technologies, the telebroadcasting equipment, the software, IT and segments of office technologies, and also technological novelties and a row of other production.
The Minister of Communications and information technologies Ali Abbasov informed the head of state Ilham Aliyev that at the BakuTel exhibition the Azerbaijani national pavilion under the name "Innovativny Products and Decisions" is for the first time created. Here further development plans of branch are submitted detailed information about carried out by the Ministry of Communications and information technologies in recent years projects, and also. It was noted that in Azerbaijan Internet users are 70 percent of the population. From them 50 percent use services of the broadband Internet. In mobile communication 110 subscribers fall on each hundred people, are applied 3G and 4G-technologies. The population of the country is captured by digital telecasting. Application of decisions "Electronic government", number of electronic services offered citizens and level of their using grows. Azerbaijan also acts as the initiator of many regional projects, including in the field of ICT. One of these projects – the project of the Trans-Evraziysky superinformation highway (TASIM) – was supported by United Nations General Assembly resolutions, and for its implementation important steps in the direction of creation of the Euroasian alliance of communication were taken. And participation of the country in the EPEG project promoted increase in our opportunities of a transit exit at the Internet. To attention of the head of state it was brought that according to estimates of the International telecommunication union, Azerbaijan is among ten countries of the world which over the last 10 years most dynamically developed in the ICT areas.
The president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev also was informed on "An on-line forum of Azerbaijanians of the world". Online conference will proceed throughout an exhibition. For this purpose the State committee on work with diaspora at offices Azerbaijani the diasporskikh of the organizations operating in the USA, Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, installed the special equipment.
The BakuTel-2013 exhibition the UN stand also was for the first time presented. The project of cooperation with the government of Azerbaijan was reflected in this stand in four directions within the Program of development of the UN. This democratic management, sustainable development, granting to women of powers and prevention of crises.
In front of the stand the picture for memory was taken.
The president Ilham Aliyev examined other pavilions of an exhibition. The Bakcell company which is the first mobile operator and leading provider of the mobile Internet of Azerbaijan, offers modern mobile communication services and the wide range of products, and also to users – mobile services of the 3G-Internet with Sür trademark @. The Bakcell network covers 99 percent of the population and 92 percent of the territory of the country. The service Sür @ by means of new partners provides the population of Azerbaijan with mobile services of the Internet of high level.

The head of state also examined the pavilion reflecting activity of JSC Delta Telecom. It was noted that "Delta Telecom" which is one of the largest telecommunication operators of the region, on indicators of quality of communication services and telecommunication services has the most reliable infrastructure. "Delta Telecom" transferring transit capacities of the region over capital infrastructure of ASON/GMPLS, being the last generation in the network DWDM technologies, has a steady superhighway. The largest Internet superhighway of the region also belongs to "Delta Telecom".

JSC AzərFon is valid from 2007. Being a Nar mobile company brand now plays an important role in development of the telecommunication market of Azerbaijan and expands sector of services even more. "Nar mobile" - the Azerbaijan's first mobile operator providing 3G-services. The company is known as the trademark making an invaluable contribution to development of the sphere of ICT in Azerbaijan and applying progressive mobile technologies in the country.
The Aztelekom Production association also participates in an exhibition. As the national mobile operator of Azerbaijan, Aztelekom Production association renders various services to private and corporate clients, communications operators and other users. The main objective of the Aztelekom.NET Internet service provider created by the company with the purpose to stimulate to active application of information and communication technologies of new generation in regions, - ensuring connection to the high-quality and high-speed Internet with use of modern technologies.
The trademark of SAZZ created in 2010 by the JSC AzQtel company, is the biggest in Azerbaijan the operator providing service of the broadband wireless Internet on the basis of the 4G Mobile WIMAX technology. Provided SAZZ service of the 4G-Internet covers the cities of Baku, Sumgayyt, Hyrdalan, Mingyachevir, and also settlements of the Absheronsky peninsula.
The president Ilham Aliyev also visited Hitachi company pavilion. The company enjoys big authority on a scope of modern technologies.
JSC Azerkosmos created in 2010 is the first satellite operator who is carrying out activity in the Caucasian region. With successful start this year into an orbit of the first national telecommunication satellite of Azerbaijan of "Azerspace-1" the company began to provide to the clients of service of a broadcasting and the broadband Internet on the basis of satellite communication, and also highly reliable platforms of communication on a satellite basis. The advanced design and high technological rates of the Azerspace-1 satellite allow "Azerkosmos" to render high-quality satellite services in regions of Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
At an exhibition the French space-rocket company "Arianespace" is also presented.
The carrier rocket of this company put the first telecommunication satellite of Azerbaijan of "Azerspace-1" to orbit.
At an exhibition the head of state gave interview to the correspondent of Euronews TV channel.
Then at an exhibition the President Ilham Aliyev also examined the JSC NEURON Texnologiyas  company stand. Shown by the company at an exhibition the special spider device is the smallest in the world a sensor of the electronic cardiogram which is carrying out live monitoring. The having special design the device is attached to a breast. Use of this device which doesn't have analogs in the world, becomes one of the hi-tech anticipatory measures, capable to prevent the negative phenomena which are the result of cardiovascular diseases.
The head of state also looked at the stand of the Republic of Turkey. It was noted that the brotherly country is one of active participants of this exhibition. At a present exhibition five leading companies of Turkey in the field of ICT are presented.
Afghanistan also is for the first time presented at this exhibition. This country shows a great interest to the BakuTel-2013 exhibition.
At an exhibition mobile buses and other vehicles of the State agency on services are shown to citizens and social innovations and the centers "ASAN xidmət" which were in its submission. The ASAN xidmət center is a structure which, relying on the classical principle "one window", provides providing 25 legal services of 9 government bodies. The head of state looked at the cars used at the organization of mobile services of JSC Azərpoçt. It was noted that by means of these cars citizens will be able widely to use post services.
The president Ilham Aliyev also was informed on transport and equipment, control system "Yollar GPS".
It was noted that as a whole this exhibition will make an important contribution to ICT development in Azerbaijan, adjustment of new useful cooperation and business relations.