A new contract

A new contract with the amount of 2.400.000,00 USD has been signed between the companies Delta Telecom Ltd of Azerbaijan and Hughes network Systems of the United States of America.

Delta Telecom Company put into operation the only Central Satellite Communications Station “DirecWay” within the Transcaucasia from the beginning of 2005. Currently, corporate satellite communications networks of different government and private organizations work through this station.
In Central Station the new program application and increasing of Internet capacity have successfully been realized for the augmentation of network, increase the quantity of rendering communications, and also the broadband Internet/Intranet, VOIP, IPTV services.The tests carried by Hughes Network Systems Company showed that, handling of 90cm antenna for uplink channel with the capacity of 128, 256, 512 Kbps and 1,2 m antenna for the uplink channel with the capacity of 1,6 Mbps are advisable in any point of Transcaucasia. At the same time, the common capacity of the channel has been increased to 36 MHz (48 Mbps) and works concerning to the connection to Internet Backbone have been finished.

As the result of carried works, any user in Azerbaijan and also the others situated in the coverage area of Eurobird 2 has the opportunuty to get Internet Backbone access in Baku.
For the installation of DW 6000, DW 7000, DW 7700 customer equipment for available Internet/Intranet services is enough to apply to Delta Telecom Company. You can get detailed information and may acquainted with these equipment in delta-telecom.net/DW and www.hns.comThe speed of leased Internet/intranet for each customer is provided 100% through programs “PEP” and “FEP”
This contract signed between Delta telecom Ltd and HNS allows to support and provide user with DW 6000, DW 7000, DW 7700 subsciber equipment on preferential terms. So Delta Telecom is in the one of first places among the operators of Europe and Asia using analogical technologies.for its opportunites after “HNS Europa”

2006-04-10 ||www.delta-telecom.net