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New transistor could let devices run on practically no battery

A new transistor design out of the University of Cambridge could allow electronic devices to function for months or even years without a battery charg.... More

Googles neural network learns to encrypt its own messages

Researchers from the Google Brain deep learning project have already taught AI systems to make trippy works of art, but now theyre moving on to someth.... More

The global smartphone market grew by 1%

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has released its data for the worldwide smartphone shipments during the Q3 2016 period. And as per the data, .... More

Gartner says technology will revolutionize primary healthcare over the next two decades

As the direction of automated continuous primary care moves into a new era, virtual personal health assistants (VPHAs) could replace the human interfa.... More

AI judge created by British scientists can predict human rights rulings

An artificial intelligence "judge" that can accurately predict many of Europes top human rights court rulings has been created by a team of computer s.... More

Netgears Nighthawk X10 claims to be worlds fastest router

Netgear announced what it claims to be the “worlds fastest router.” The company says that the Nighthawk X10 is perfect for those who are looking f.... More

UK demos self-driving cars talking among themselves

While self-driving vehicles will be revolutionary, having self-driving vehicles communicate with one another and with road infrastructure will take th.... More

Apple announces event on 27 October with new MacBook Pros expected

Apple is expected to launch the next generation of Mac computers at a press event on 27 October. The company sent out the invitations, with the words .... More

AZAL bans use of Samsung Galaxy Note7 on its flights

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone devices were banned from Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) both in hand luggage and checked baggage. The decision was ma.... More

DistractaGone helps with your smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction is a growing problem that often interferes with our personal and professional lives. DistractaGone is an ingenious solution that .... More

Mobile banking users to hit two billion by 2020

The number of people who use their mobile devices for banking transaction is expected to increase from its current volume of 1.2 billion to about two .... More

Japanese scientists develop long distance wireless power transmission

Long-distance wireless charging may be something of a holy grail for gadgets, devices and electric vehicles, but Japanese researchers are a step close.... More

EU pushes IoT security regulations

The European Commission has said it is planning to push industry governance measures that would improve the security of Internet-connected devices suc.... More

Microsoft officially releases Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has made the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) versions of Windows Server 2016 and System Centre 2016 officially available to enterprise custom.... More

This blink-to-shoot camera attaches to any pair of glasses

The wink-to-shoot camera that puts what’s arguably the biggest feature from Google Glass into any pair of glasses is now headed to the United States.... More

Microsoft adds Russian for simultaneous interpreting in Skype calls

Now the function of simultaneous translation of calls and instant messages in real-time Skype Translator supports Russian language. Service simultaneo.... More

Brain-inspired device to power artificial systems

New research, led by the University of Southampton, has demonstrated that a nanoscale device, called a memristor, could be used to power artificial sy.... More

Worlds first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities aka Bionic Olympics held in Switzerland

The worlds first Cybathlon Championship for Athletes with Disabilities organised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich debuted on Sa.... More

Microsoft will hold a presentation of new devices this month

Last year Microsoft surprised the world by presenting at the presentation of not only tablet PC Surface Pro the fourth generation, but also the first .... More

This new gadget could detect food contamination in minutes

When an outbreak of food poisoning hits, we trace our culinary steps backwards in an attempt to untangle the cause, hopefully before it can hit again..... More

DistractaGone wants to put smartphone addicts in time out

Smartphone addiction is a growing problem that often interferes with our personal and professional lives. DistractaGone is an ingenious solution that .... More

Windows 10 nears 25% market share

Some good news for Microsoft. The companys latest operating system, Windows 10, keeps on growing at a respectable pace, even with the free upgrade pro.... More

Twitter changes 140-character limit to exclude media & quoted tweets

According to a report from The Verge, Twitter users can expect a significant change in the way the sites algorithm counts their 140-character tweet li.... More

AZAL warns passengers traveling with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone

In accordance with the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Azerbaijan Airlines asks passengers not to use Samsung Galaxy No.... More

SOWATCH autonomous smartwatch and fitness tracker

Farasha based in San Francisco California has created a new style of smartwatch called the SOWATCH which its developments say is the first autonomous .... More

Your next job interview will be with a robot named NeoFace

NEC (formerly known as Nippon Electric Company) created artificial intelligence software used to sort resumes, job applications and employment test re.... More

Facebook and Twitter join NYT, CNN, AFP and more to tackle fake news on social media

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter have joined a voluntary group of over 30 news and technology companies to tackle fake news and spread literac.... More

EU to extend some telecom security rules to WhatsApp, Skype

The European Union is set to extend some security rules currently only applicable to telecom operators to web services such as WhatsApp, Skype and App.... More

VW and DoorBird let drivers see whos at the door

Thanks to online shopping services, you no longer have to ferry yourself down to your local high street to punch a hole in your bank balance. But its .... More

Wearable keyboard lets users Tap to type

The decline of desktop computing and the proliferation of other devices that require text input mean that alternatives to the traditional keyboard are.... More