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Canadian scientists create flexible 3D-smartphone

Scientists recently have developed the Holoflex: the worlds first holographic flexible smartphones. Without any kind of helmets, it allows the user to.... More

SunSpark solar-powered demonstrator makes maiden flight

Advanced Programs Group (APG) performed the first flight test of its new solar-powered unmanned air vehicle in early December and has deemed the trial.... More

Bakıda pulsuz "wi-fi" şəbəkəsinin istifadəyə verilmə tarixi açıqlanıb

Bakı şəhərində pulsuz "wi-fi" şəbəkəsinin geniş istifadəyə verilmə tarixi bəlli olub. "Report"un əldə etdiyi məlumata görə, 2017-.... More

Conference on "Internet of Things. The next generation" kicks off within BakuTel 2016

Conference on the theme "Internet of Things. The next generation " kicked off today within International Exhibition of Telecommunications and Inform.... More

This algorithm taught itself to animate a still photo

A team of researchers at MITs Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have created a deep-learning algorithm that is able to generate.... More

Bakutel 2016 brings together about 200 companies representing 18 countries from across the world

The Azerbaijan International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference, Bakutel 2016, will open its doors in the Azerb.... More

Conference on Internet of Things. The next generation to be held within BakuTel-2016 exhibition

A conference on the topic of “Internet of Things. The next generation” will be held within the framework of the International Telecommunications a.... More

Azerbaijan among leaders for ICT development index

Azerbaijan took the 58th place in the ranking of the world development index of information and communication technologies (IDI) of the International .... More

The Windows in airplanes turned into touch screens

Vision Systems has introduced the Windows with LCD display and touch layer for the entertainment of passengers. Window Acti-Vision Window consists of .... More

China launches worlds longest quantum communication line

China has put into operation the worlds longest line of secure quantum communication length of 712 km. On her pad took three years, she has 11 interme.... More

$5 Poison Tap hacks locked computers

A researcher has created a hacking device that allows attackers to easily gain access to a password-protected computer, hijack all its Internet traffi.... More

Global smartphone production volume to grow just 4.5% annually in 2017

Global market research firm TrendForce has lowered the projected annual growth rate of smartphone production worldwide for 2016 to 2.5%. Though shipme.... More

Roombas inventor creates a weeding robot for gardens

Joe Jones invents practical, mobile robots, among them the vacuum-cleaning Roomba and floor-washing Scooba, which he developed at his former employer .... More

Global tablet shipments to decline 5.3% in 2017, says TrendForce

The downward slide in tablet shipments has moderated during 2016 because Amazons and Huaweis tablets have propped up the overall product sales despite.... More

Google uses machine learning to upscale and enhance low quality photos

Image upscaling is often made fun of in movies and television series, for extracting impossible levels of image information from low quality, blurry p.... More

Google DeepMind is making machines feel their way around virtual objects

Children learn through play, so why shouldnt machines? For humans, the easiest way to learn about an objects properties – whether it is hot or cold,.... More

Five electronic services of the Copyright Agency have been updated

Five electronic services of the Copyright Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which are provided to users through the E-government portal, have been.... More

Facebook Messenger launches its public group chat feature “Rooms” in select markets

If youve ever felt the need to start chatting with random strangers online, Facebook has a new feature with you in mind. Well, when I say “new” I .... More

Developing countries will face an unemployment crisis as robots could take two-thirds of their jobs, UN report warns

A recent study from the United Nations showed that robot labour has been taking over a majority of industry jobs worldwide. This trend can continue an.... More

Expect new iPads in March with borderless screens

Apple is preparing new iPads for a launch in March, Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Christopher Hemmelgarn wrote in a note distributed to clients .... More

Galaxy S8 expected to get larger displays to attract Note fans

Samsung will give its next-generation Galaxy S8 series larger displays in an effort to appease Galaxy Note fans, according to a new report out of Kore.... More

Drone technology could make mountain searches much quicker

Drone technology developed in Co Donegal could make it much quicker to locate people reported missing on mountains and in remote countryside, accordin.... More

Samsung seeks AI-powered comeback with Galaxy S8

Samsung plans to equip its next Galaxy S smartphones with a Siri-like digital assistant, seeking to make a strong comeback after the global debacle th.... More

DLR Researchers Set World Record in Free-space Optical Communications

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR) have set a new record in data transmission using laser: 1.... More

This device can turn your smartphone into a desktop computer

Smartphones devices have made life easy as we are no longer bound to our desktop and can enjoy latest videos on our phones or respond to emails and do.... More

Development of small and medium-sized businesses in ICT field discussed

The 2nd meeting of the ICT Commission, which was established by the Azerbaijani National Confederation of Entrepreneurs, was held at High Tech Park un.... More

Instagram introduces new shopping feature

Instagram is going to start testing a way for users to shop directly from the app, the company announced in a blog post Tuesday. The trial, which .... More

Google launches Tango AR smartphone system

After more than two years of tinkering and finessing, today Google finally officially launched its Tango smartphone augmented reality system to the ma.... More

New projects and interesting solutions to be presented at Bakutel 2016 exhibition

Bakutel 2016, the 22nd Azerbaijan International Exhibition and Conference on Telecommunications and Information Technologies will take place from 29 N.... More

Engineers have found a way to double the lifespan of a battery

Americans waste up to $19 billion annually in electricity costs due to "vampire appliances," always-on digital devices in the home that suck power eve.... More