Happy Ramadan Holiday!

Dear compatriots,
The Holy Ramadan is becoming soon and all Muslim World will celebrate this great event with happiness and festivity. This month is the most advantageous among all the others. This is the month of worship to the God, kindness and charity. Ramadan is the blessed month, accompaning with the greatest wisdoms and self -actualization. it is called the "sultan" of eleven months. It is chozen by the God intentionally. All the scriptures were sending down by the allmighty God within this month. "The Pages" of the Prophet Abraham was sent down at the first night of Ramadan, "Five Books of Moses" was sent down after six days, "Zabur" was sent at the thirteenth night and the last sacred book "Koran" was sent down within last ten days of Ramadan.
Our worthful Brothers and Sisters,
We congratulate all of You on the coming holiday of Ramadan and greet You with fevor. We wish happiness, strong peace, prosperity, sincerity and good life to all Muslim World and our native land Azerbaijan. We wish the Allah to give us blessings to our world and spirit.
May God accept your preyers and fasts!

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