Bakutel 2009

“BakuTel” the International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference was held at the Sport and Exhibition Complex named after Heydar Aliyev in the date of November 4-7, 2009. It is already 15th year that besides the companies of our country the companies of foreign countries also participated at this exhibition.

“Delta Telecom” is one of the regular participants of the “BakuTel”. As each year “Delta Telecom” has participated at “BakuTel”, International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition and Conference with the advanced technological innovations on the telecommunication sector of our country this year too.

“Delta Telecom” has demonstrated its new projects implemented this year. These projects such as installing alternative channels to the north part of Azerbaijan, new generation Mobile Broadband Internet service have been presented. Presented Mobile Broadband Internet service –mobile Wimax IEEE 802.16e (rev-e) standard being is the best modern wireless technology. Mobile Broadband Internet service provides both high speed and wireless connection for the Azerbaijan users. And it also provides the Internet in a car going at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour. The modernity of the technology guaranties perspective future. Now the subscriber equipments giving opportunity to the access of 10 Mbit per second Internet differ with its fineness. These modems are directly connected to the computer with USB port. The users are expected more interesting specialty –the growth which can give 300 Mbit per second access to the Internet line in the perspective future of this branch of the Wireless Communication technologies. The next generations of this line are called LTE, 802.16m.

At present the specialists of “Delta Telecom” are interested in finding the shortest ways of conveying new innovations to the Azerbaijan users. We must to say that application of the first PreWimax technology had also realized by the same specialists in the region in 2003.

The attending of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev together with his lady to the opening ceremony of Exhibition has raised everybody’s moral. The declaring priority of IT sphere was the evident the unique approach of the Head of State to the company activated in this sphere once again. Besides the demonstrated stands at the exhibition hall, the President has made a close acquaintance with the stands of “Delta Telecom” together with his lady too. The President was informed with the new projects realized by “Delta Telecom”. The perspective future for the Azerbaijan users of the Mobile Backbone Internet service which attracted President’s attention was emphasized. The first subscriber equipment of this network was presented to the President such as symbolical gift at the International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition by “Delta Telecom”.

Being one of the most strategic projects in the sphere of the telecommunication of our country “Delta Telecom” presented high capacity optical backbone project which is being necessary for leasing of international transit capacity. The installation of the alternative communication lines which ensured the reliable and unceasing work of the north part of the network, the installation of the communication network of the Autonomic Republic of Nakhchivan which will be past through Georgia, Turkey and over Iran for back up reasons are demonstrated by “Delta Telecom” in the projects.

The director of “Delta Telecom” Ramazan Valiyev has informed the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan about a new network built on based of Wimax technology which is giving opportunity to use of broadband internet service. The backing up works in the DWDM super backbone which is carrying transit capacities. New Data Center built and gave for using of national content owners, currently about 25% of national web contents are moved to the Data Center from foreign servers. Ramazan Valiyev has also informed the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan about the full back up of DWDM super backbone between Baku – Georgia and Baku – Russia borderline, and about the creating 120km Shamakhy-Guba fiber-optic cable infrastructure 2000 meters above sea level to back up of north part of network between Baku-Russia borderline.

The President demonstrated his moral support to the employees of Delta Telecom about the project which attracted his attention with the following words: “This company differs with specially strategic projects”.

The foreign state delegations, the International Agencies have attended at the “BakuTel” exhibition too.

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