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Viber to launch secret chats that self-destruct and prevent screenshots

Chat app giant Viber is gearing up to introduce a new secret chats feature across its messaging platform later this week. The move represents an e.... More

BlackBerry Aurora Officially Launched

In the previous week, the leaked photos of BlackBerry Aurora with model number BBC1001-1 had surfaced. Earlier today, the smartphone was officially an.... More

Apple will unveil new iPads on April 4th, report claims

Even though iPad sales have been slumping for years now, Tim Cook and Apple remain committed to the tablet form factor. According to various reports w.... More

Destructive StoneDrill Wiper Malware On The Loose

There have been a handful of wiper malware attacks in the wild in the last decade with Shamoons destruction of more than 35,000 workstations at Saudi .... More

Google Chrome users on Apple macOS get enhanced Safe Browsing protection

Google has expanded its Safe Browsing service, allowing Google Chrome on macOS to better protect users from programs that locally inject ads into webp.... More

Facebooks Testing Reactions and a Dislike Button in Messenger

After offering a slew of "Reaction" buttons for posts last year, Facebook may soon add a new reaction "Dislike" for Facebook Messenger, a media report.... More

Production of iPhone 8 with biometric fingerprint scanner starting in September

It hasnt been long since Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus in the market and yet, we already have tons of rumors regarding the upcom.... More

Typo Blamed for Amazons Internet-Crippling Outage

Amazon Web Services said its outage earlier this week that affected major websites and apps was caused by human error. Sites including Netflix, Reddit.... More

Samsung announces the rugged Galaxy XCover 4

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Xcover 4, the newest iteration of its line of durable Galaxy smartphones. The company has listed its featu.... More

Gmail Increases File Attachment Size Limit to 50MB

Its not uncommon to download files that are multiple gigabytes in size, but when it comes to emails, attachments are still very limited. Thats no bad .... More

The number of users of “Şəbəkə” service center has reached ten thousand people

The number of users of "Şəbəkə" service center has reached ten thousand people. Although 18 days have passed since its opening, the centers ser.... More

New $10 Raspberry Pi Zero comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The newest member of the Raspberry Pi product line costs just $10 plus tax and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. The "Raspberry Pi Zero W" .... More

Hardlight VR suits let users feel every punch, gunshots while playing

Have you ever wanted to feel smack of the punches coming at you from sweaty aliens? The whang of bullet hitting your guts? The feeling of hitting the .... More

Verizon to introduce 5G connectivity in US test markets by mid-2017

Verizon appears to be making good on its promises of building the first 5G cellular network in the United States. Today, the carrier announced it will.... More

Rogue Chrome extension pushes tech support scam

Given Google Chromes popularity, it is no surprise to see it being more and more targeted these days. In particular, less than reputable ad networks a.... More

Facebook on course to be the WeChat of the West, says Gartner

Its the beginning of the end for smartphone apps as we have known and tapped on them, reckons Gartner. The analyst is calling the start of a “post-a.... More

Future iPhone will be able to warn the owner about any damage of the screen

Future iPhone will be able to alert the owner about the appearance of the OSD covering the microcracks. This is evidenced by Apples patent application.... More

All of the Cool New Gadgets to Look for at Mobile World Congress 2017

Its that time of year again. The worlds largest electronics companies are sending representatives to the annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelo.... More

In the Netherlands there was a ground the light for those who cannot break away from the smartphone while walking

In some cities of the world there are special paths for cyclists, which sometimes is very convenient. But in the Netherlands there is one city that ha.... More

Virtual reality glasses adapted to the visually impaired

American scientists have developed a prototype virtual reality glasses that are able to adapt to the users eyesight. Existing models of virtual re.... More

Agility Robotics Introduces Cassie, a Dynamic and Talented Robot Delivery Ostrich

Agility Robotics, a startup spun off from the College of Engineering at Oregon State University, has introduced its first robot — and her name is Ca.... More

Dubai to launch driverless flying cars by this summer

Dubai skies are set to be abuzz with driverless flying cars within months, the emirates Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday, in wh.... More

The share of Internet Explorer in the world browser market has fallen below 20%

The share of Internet Explorer in the world browser market for personal computers for the first time in many years has fallen below 20%. This is evide.... More

Worldwide IT Spending Forecast to Sustain Growth of More Than 3% Through 2020

Worldwide revenues for information technology (IT) products and services are forecast to reach nearly $2.4 trillion in 2017, an increase of 3.5% over .... More

Broadcast Wearables introduces the World’s First Smart Fitness T-shirt

Broadcast Wearables has introduced the Worlds First Smart Fitness T-shirt with Navigation, in India today. The SYGNAL T-shirt can count the steps you .... More

Groundbreaking new prosthetic translates spinal cord signals into movement

Scientists from Imperial College London have developed a unique system that interprets the signals from the nerve endings of the spinal cord and turns.... More

See-through robot is a fishermans dream

Researchers at MIT have developed gel-based robots that are so at home in the water that you can barely see them when theyre submerged. Made from .... More

BGU researchers develop technique to help outsmart smartphone thieves

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have developed a verification method that can identify a thief in 14 seconds or less, depending on how the user pre.... More

Enhance image: Google AI makes tired TV trope a reality

Often in TV in cinema, especially in the crime and espionage genres, protagonists identify perps from grainy, low resolution footage after enhancing i.... More

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2017 is being celebrated globally today, Tuesday 7th February, with the slogan Be the change: Unite for a better internet. The .... More