New Discounts by Delta Telecom!

Delta Telecom has announced the immediate discount for the Day of National Salvation!

Our company has introduced a new Internet technology, the 6th generation - İPv6, and once again announced the reduction of tariffs online.

June 15, 1993, entered into our history as the Day of National Salvation, was remembered in the memory of Azerbaijani as the day the choice of Heydar Aliyev, President of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic. Thus, our state has maintained its independence, end the chaos in the country, civil war was stopped.

In turn, Delta Telecom, more than 10 years of the republic and the Caucasus provides Internet access. Adjusting the policy of price and quality, maintains its leadership, thereby continuing to create the conditions for lower prices on the Internet, while improving its quality.

"Last year, we have reduced tariffs online and in 2 times now follow this policy."Technical Director of Delta Telecom Rahid Alekberli, who said about ICT News, also noted that due to this step by the company, along with improving the quality of the Internet has increased the number of broadband Internet users. Today, increasing numbers of users of social networks is an indicator of the dynamic development of Internet in Azerbaijan. On the other hand, the quality of today the majority of end users in Azerbaijan declined from dial-up-and in favor of FTTx or ADSL technologies.

At the present time to support the current dynamics of the Internet Delta Telecom has signed a number of new projects. R. Alekberli also said that the Internet backbone, there are untapped power, that is, the amount of power provided to Azerbaijan, far exceeds the amount of possible sales. Thus, sales of Internet resources attracted in Azerbaijan is 30%, the rest remain unused. Technical director said some of the technical problems encountered in the implementation of unused Internet resources. Our main goal today is to give users more choices and provide better Internet access. To support the implementation of the service providers and to improve quality have been implemented several projects. Were purchased 4.3 billion Internet addresses, which exceed the current resources of Azerbaijan in the thousands. With these new online resources, millions of Internet users are able to obtain high-quality Internet. It is about İPv6 - second-generation Internet technologies. With the application of this technology will be eliminated IP-end Internet user issues.

Just know that the Internet backbone Delta Telecom is not only Azerbaijan but also throughout the Caucasus. Reality shows that the Internet backbone Delta Telecom has already fourth year leading to the policy of price and quality in the region and using the latest technology has further strengthened its position in the Transcaucasia. Particular focus is on development of the Internet Highway, based on the latest technologies. On the other hand these projects will create opportunities for increased investment interests of Internet Service Providers. They are aware of the responsibility entrusted to them by Delta Telecom, to provide end-user Internet without loss of quality.

Venerable Internet users, Venerable customers!

Already a long time we work together. Our entire team is sparing no effort to continuously provide you with high level services. During the past period of time we have improved the quality of the Internet and lowering tariffs on him.

As a result of a successful policy of President Ilham Aliyev was ensured stability in the country, high rates of growth in all areas was the start of the powerful development of the Telecommunications area. Was constructed carrying the DWDM network with large reserve capacity, providing the entire territory of our republic, and its inherent İP-MPLS network covering all of our city, which features, along with users of our countries enjoy cell phone operators in neighboring countries.

Baku was established Internet Backbone, covering all regions of the country. Internet Backbone is not limited to connections with Russia, Georgia, Turkey and Iran, as well connected with global Tier 1 operators - Level 3, TaTa, Telia, Tinet, and GBLX to channels with higher bandwidth.

On our side in the region for the first time in Azerbaijan was established Large Data Center for Internet content developers are working on free accommodation sites and content here. This creates an opportunity for transforming our country into a single producer of content, the Internet. More than 10 000 sites have already been placed in the Data Center.

Through our work, created by high-performance network, the Data Center - all these make the country into a major telecommunications center in the region. Passage of high-capacity transit channels of neighboring countries through Azerbaijan has created a real opportunity to improve the quality of Internet services in our country, and a tangible reduction of tariffs online.

Taking this into account, in order to improve the quality of customer service to an ISP without a debt with a capacity of more than 100Mbit / s and large users while maintaining the level of payments from 01.07.2011 of the year, increasing power tariffs will be reduced to a 50AZN 30AZN (without VAT) each 1Mbit / s.

For an ISP with a throughput capacity of the Internet channel 10 Gbit / s and above, large users will be applied tariff 25AZN (VAT) per Mbit / s.

I believe that the ISP and large users, for which we are going to apply this rate, estimating the new tariffs would increase their investments in this area and as such, will have more opportunities to improve the quality of services provided to its customers.

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