January 20th

January 20th , is the day of grief for Azerbaijanian people. Azerbaijanis must be proud of their heroes. Because they immolated themselves for the good of their motherland. The Country mounts and rises with its martyrs.

In 1990 on January 19 to 20 at night by the order of governing body of USSR, with the purpose of holding communist regime and prevent the liberty movement in Azerbaijan, subunits of the Soviet Army entered Baku and spilled the blood. As the result of Soviet Army' s invasion 134 people were killed and more than 600 people were wounded. There were representatives of 5 nations, more than 20 women and children.
Today is the 16 th anniversary of "Bloody January" tragedy. Tragedy of January 20 , which brought to huge losses and destruction of innocent people, demonstrated martial spirit, inexorability and pride of our nation. 20 January 1990 is a day, which went down in history of the struggle for the freedom and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, as a heroism page. Azeri people mark this day with sorrow and with national grief, they remember our martyrs with sore.
May our martyrs rest in peace!

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