31 March - genocide in Azerbaijan

Dear, compatriots!

Turning over the pages and looking through the last century's history of Azerbaijan we see dramatic events, bloodshed took place in the life our people. Horrible stages occured on 30 March - 2 April in 1918 are the severe and shattering pages of this history. These events entered our history as the genocide day of Azeri people. During these bloodstained events 50 thousand Azerbaijanis were executed and killed in Baku, Shemakha, Guba, Lenkoran and in other regions of our Republic, 10 thousands of people were expelled from their lands by ruthless Armenian aggressors. Only in March 58 villages of Shemakha were destroyed by Armenian Army. Appoximately, 8 thousand people were killed, among killed 1653 people were women and 965 people were children. In April 122 villages of Guba were ruined, hundreds of Turks and lezgies were executed by Combined Armenian Forced sent to this province. 12 thousand people were slaugthered for their national and religious properties. Arminians repeated the same bloody events in Goydja, Kurdamir, Salyan and Lenkoran. 150 Azerbaijani villages were wholly demolished in Nagorny Karabakh, unseen slaughters were done.
Genocides against Azeris realized in the course of history was the result of Russians and Arminians joint work. In this way, Russian Empire want to strengthen their position in Southern Caucasus, but supported by Russians, Armians intented to occupy lands historically belonged to Azerbaijan and to establish Armenian Government in these territories.

It is noted that in 1918, in March the leader of Russian bolshevists Vladimir Lenin appointed Stepan Shaumiyan to the position of commisioner and sent him to Baku. Coming together with Arminian dashnaks Bolshevists, arranged desirable environment for realization of secret intentions under the seizing and taking the power. On March 31 was began the slaughter of Azeris in city of Baku. 6 thousand armed forces of Russian Army and 3-4 thousand military forces of "Dashnaksutyun" attended in this bloodshed.

Politics of genocide and deportation materially and morally striked our people, scored in our people's historical memory. Generally, about 2 million Azeri people live all the horrors and scourges of brutal armenian politics based on the hatred in their destiny. Today Arminians try to confuse the world's social opinion, they try to deny the facts of occupation and want the international world to agree with current situation.
We are sure that the day of justice is not far away!
Nonorable citizens!
We remember memory of the victims of this terrible genocide with sadness and honor. May they rest in peace!

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