Tomorrow Azerbaijan celebrate State Independence Day

History inevitably proves to us that to preserve the independence is much harder than winning it. Need to be prepared for any test, learn to overcome difficulties. Life was such that Azerbaijan is a century twice had the opportunity to become a sovereign state. Unfortunately, the first opportunity was lost immediately due to external interference, the internal opposition and the general political instability. Emerged in 1918, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic existed for only 23 months. The second time this situation arose only after 70 years. The collapse of the Soviet Empire gave Azerbaijan the opportunity to restore the lost independence.

18 October 1991 at a session of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan "was adopted Constitutional Act on State Independence of Azerbaijan" This remarkable historical document Azerbaijani people, after years of waiting, found long-awaited freedom!

This was facilitated by several facts. First of all: the collapse of a huge empire, so far exercise tight control over the republic's leadership. Secondly, the pressure of the masses hungry for change for the better. All this has forced the republic's leadership to make certain arrangements. At the summit felt that the adoption of such a document will calm people, and thereby prolong their existence as a state structure. Therefore repeatedly emphasized that the Constitutional Act in the early stages is extremely nominative nature, Azerbaijan is still controlled by Moscow and is subject to the Kremlin regime. All this was quite logical and consistent with the spirit of the time. However, it has in the past.

December 29, 1991 in Azerbaijan was held on popular vote. The Bulletin of the referendum was only one phrase: "Do you support the Constitutional Act on State Independence of Azerbaijan?" Over 95% of those eligible to vote took part in the referendum. Azerbaijan voted unanimously for independence.

Republic of Azerbaijan declared its independence, began its existence in a very grave historical situation. She recognized the independence of Turkey (November 9, 1991), followed by Romania (11 December 1991), Pakistan (December 13, 1991), Sweden (December 23, 1991), Iran (December 25, 1991), USA (January 23, 1992) , Russia (April 10, 1992), etc.

March 2, 1992 Azerbaijan became a member of the UN. From this day begins the recognition of its de-facto global community.

However, within 2 years after the declaration of independence there was a risk of loss. First Karabakh war unleashed by the aggression of Armenian armed forces, stupid policies of some government officials, domestic intrigue - all of this threatens the very existence of the newly independent republic. However, with the arrival of a prominent political figure, a wise leader Heydar Aliyev, the danger was removed.

Each year, stronger political and economic mainstays of our state. Fundamentals of state independence, pledged in 1991, faithfully preserved and developed. Great attention is paid to the development of the economy, the full capacity of the state, the preservation of national cultural values.

And from a political and an economic point of view, Azerbaijan is today one of the highly developed countries. The economic growth our country has achieved a leadership mark not only in the region, but in the world. Without the participation of Azerbaijan does not consider more than one large scale project in the region. The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, is implemented in the framework of the "Contract of the Century" brought Caspian oil to world markets. This has contributed to both peace and security in South Caucasus, and the future prosperity of our people.