Victory Day over Fascism

Fascism born in Germany and Italy kept under danger not only those countries but also the whole of the world. In the period of the II World War Azerbaijan people showed courage and heroism not only in front lines but in back front as well. A battalion of 87 plains-destroyers and 1224 self-protecting groups established in the country in a very short period of time. More than 600 000 Azerbaijani young fellows and girls sent to the front in 1941-1945. Divisions from Azerbaijan moved from the Caucasus to Berlin. About 130 of our compatriots deserved the name of the Hero of the Soviet Union, 30 deserved the order of Honour. 170 000 Azerbaijani soldiers and officer had been awarded with various orders and medals of the USSR. Hazi Aslanov-twice Hero of the Soviet Union, the Heroes of the Soviet Union- Israfil Mammadov, Ruslan Vezirov, Adil Guliyev, Ziya Bunyatov, Geray Asadov, Melik Maharramov and Mehdi Huseynzadeh, generalsMahmud Abilov, Akim Abbasov, Tarlan Aliyarbeyov and Hajibala Zeynalov and many others brought honour to the history of our people.

Much done with the purpose to direct the activity of the republic economy to the front. Light and food industries started to work for front. In small period of time Baku turned into an important arsenal of fighting army. Despite of all the difficulties, oil workers worked hard and managed to supply the front and the economy with fuel.

Under the leadership of the academician Yusif Mammadaliyev established new technology that produced aviation petrol. With the hard work of our oil men oil production in Azerbaijan reached its peak in 1941 that made 23.5 million tons. That figure comprised 71.4% of all the oil produced in the USSR. Azerbaijani oil workers gave 75 million tons of oil and 22 million tons of petrol to the country during war years. It is possible to say that Baku oil was one of the main factors in the victory over the fascism. Four of each 5 plains, tanks and motor cars worked with Baku petrol. The II World War was the next prove of heroism and courage of the Azerbaijanis.

2014-05-08 ||