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China tested a fleet of 56 robots

The specialists of the Chinese company Yunzhou Intelligence Technology has created a fleet of 56 robots that can walk on water. They are able to perform a variety of tasks up to combat.

Chinese specialists are developing the latest technology, which can carry combat functions. So, there is information about the tests, which are performed by the developers of the company Yunzhou Intelligence Technology. It is reported that they managed to create a surface 56 of the robots, which are controlled by the operator from the land.

To date, mankind has known unmanned aerial vehicles that can perform a variety of tasks – from domestic to military. Now such possibility will appear and in the water.

It is reported that the test fleet of surface robots have become one of the major over the past few years not only in the country but in the world. The companys management Yunzhou Intelligence Technology announced that they are close to Vanishing, archipelago in the South China sea. During the inspection robots were placed in the Wake of the several columns, which showed maneuverability during a crawl of the boat and lined up again.

The developers said that the surface robots have a length of 11 meters, weight of about ten tons. The maximum speed that it can reach 40 knots.

2018-06-03 ||ictnews.az