Russian scientists have taught the AI to predict death

Would you like to know your future? The answer to this question is not as obvious as it might seem at first glance. Because along with the positive aspects we can learn and something that can throw us into shock. For example, the date of his death. And recently, a group of Russian scientists of the Moscow physics and technology Institute, together with colleagues from the company Gero has created an artificial intelligence that is able to find out the biological age of a person and predict the likelihood of death.

A scientific study reports Scientific Reports. According to the published data, developed by the AI able to make a prediction based on various indicators of human health. Information is gathered using special sensor, similar to fitness tracker. However, the device itself, in addition to the "traditional" pulse, pressure, and data of the way done, it is also able to calculate your biological age, based on artificial intelligence system. Advanced neural network can calculate the age of all the internal organs, to know the functional status and compare it with the average desired age group. As stated by one of the authors of the project, Peter Fedichev

"We were able to show that artificial intelligence allows us to estimate the biological age of the subjects and the likelihood of death. For reliable results, do not require medical tests: sufficient data on the movements of the person recorded by the tracker. We used the technology to create a convenient monitoring tool that helps to assess the overall condition of the human body and to monitor changes in risk level long before people will hand over any analyses. The difference between passport and biological age will signal about the need to improve their health. That is, the device will be able not only to predict the approaching death, but to delay it."

2018-04-05 ||