Robots will soon be able to smell and taste

The "Rewired" venture oriented in London and Lausanne, focused on robotics, agreed on a partnership with Aromyx, which found a way to digitize taste and smell.

Aromyx is developing technology that allows us to provide a scientific, reproducible measurement and digitization of taste and smell. She created the olfactory system peculiar to man.

Digital imitation of taste and smell in a repeatable way was problematic for engineers, biologists and chemists, in part because it requires complex coordination of all three areas. But Aromyx in collaboration with scientists from Stanford found out how to reproduce the biochemical signals that our senses send to the brain, and measure these signals in an informative way.

She created EssenceChip, a one-time bioengineer that can be adapted to various non-ablative environments. The range of application of this technology is quite wide, including quality control for companies producing food and beverages and creating flavorings for food chains. For robotics, the development of Aromyx also opens up great opportunities. According to the representative of Rewired, the improvement of sensory capabilities will pave the way for the creation of next-generation intelligent robotics.

2017-12-24 ||