The worlds first 5-inch AMQLED display created in China

To date, smartphones are predominantly used displays made by two radically different from other technologies: IPS and AMOLED.

The first is based on the use of liquid crystals and the second organic light-emitting diode. At the same time in the TV market is gaining popularity the production technology of displays based on quantum dots – QLED. Such screens have better color reproduction and high contrast ratios, with differing energy efficiency. Chinese display manufacturer BOE Technology Group Co. Ltd managed to create a 5-inch AMQLED display that can become a revolution in the world of smartphones.

AMQLED is an abbreviation for Active Matrix Quantum dot Light Emitting Diode. The technology is the use of quantum dots – tiny piece of semiconductor, which is exposed to weak electric current, causing electrons to change energy to emit light. Compared to the AMOLED, this technology provides a wider color gamut – up to 100%. In addition, AMQLED displays are cheaper to manufacture and have a long service life.

Unfortunately, the company BOE Technology has not yet announced the start of mass production AMQLED displays for smartphones.

2017-03-27 ||