Samsungs foldable flagship smartphone finally out this year – report

After years of development, Samsungs much-anticipated foldable smartphone is finally getting a limited run in the third quarter of 2017, according to South Koreas ETNews.

Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display are supposedly producing a small batch of about a thousand prototype units for quality and performance testing before going into full-on mass production by 2018.

The device is expected to be at the forefront of Samsungs offerings when it hits the public.

"It is heard that Samsung Electronics is working on making appearance of its foldable Smartphone more luxurious and elegant as it is an ultra premium Smartphone," ETNews said.

"It sounds like Samsung is following the same strategy it employed with Edge displays. Following a test run on the Note Edge, Samsung expanded the concept on the Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge, and now Edge design is set to replace flat screens completely on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus," opined Android Authoritys Bogdan Petrovan.

"Samsung has been teasing its foldable display technology for years. It gave us a peek of what to expect with the Youm concept from 2013. Ever since then, we’ve been hearing rumors claiming foldable smartphones are just around the corner," he added.

Moreover, the realization of a foldable screen has seemed like a pipe dream so far because of the need to make them reliable and resistant to mechanical failure from repeated folding.

South Korean and Chinese manufacturers are reportedly scrambling for the prestige to come out with such a potentially game-changing device.

"While Samsung is working on this development, Chinese panel manufacturers are also accelerating their process of development of prototype of foldable displays. South Korean and Chinese companies are competing for their sense of pride with a title of worlds first foldable Smartphone on the line," ETNews disclosed.

ETNews also said that Samsung had already given a private preview of its foldable phone at the Mobile World Congress last March.

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