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Delta Telecom to supply free hosting to Azerbaijan’s internet providers

The leading Azerbaijan’s telecommunications operator Delta Telecom is trying to solve the problem of transporting the information content from forei.... More

Delta Telecom halved prices for providers

Delta Telecom, suppliers of Internet flows for Azerbaijan has declared double cutting of prices for domestic Internet providers. The Company report.... More

Delta Telecom intends to tackle Internet access problems in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani leading telecommunications operator Delta Telecom is going to tackle problems with Internet access in the country. The Company reports .... More

Internet prices has lowered in twice

Owing to realized projects Delta Telecom made next gift to Azerbaijan’s internet users.Increase the number of backbone users was selected as main ai.... More

Broadband internet is used only by 6% in Azerbaijan

Delta Telecom Azerbaijan’s leading telecommunication operator bares problems linked with the internet quality. Delta Telecom informed Fineko/abc..... More

January 20th

January 20th , is the day of grief for Azerbaijanian people. Azerbaijanis must be proud of their heroes. Because they immolated themselves for the goo.... More

300 Mbps wireless Internet to operate in Azerbaijan

Delta Telecom, the leading telecom operator in the Caucasus region, is preparing sensational breakthrough in the area of Internet services. The Com.... More

Bakutel 2008

On November 11, 2008 with organizational intermediary of the British company "İte Group" and the company "İteca Caspian" 14th international exhibiti.... More

Exhibitions 2008

"14 th Azerbaijan International Exhibition Telecommunications and Information Technologies" organized by "Bakutel" will be held in Baku from 11 st to .... More

Holy Ramadan

The Holy Ramadan is becoming soon and all Muslim World will celebrate this great event with happiness and festivity. This month is the most advantageo.... More

WiMAX Rev-e network

Delta Telecom picks Alcatel-Lucent for end-to-end deployment of the first commercial WiMAX Rev-e network in Azerbaijan Solution combines IMS core.... More

A significant protocol has been signed between Delta Telecom Ltd and Russia National long-distance telecommunications operator “Rostelecom” in Baku

A significant protocol has been signed between Delta Telecom Ltd and Russia National long-distance telecommunications operator “Rostelecom” in Bak.... More

İnterview with the Director of Delta Teleсom- Ramazan Valiyev

Trend Capital’s interview with the Director of Delta Teleсom- Ramazan Valiyev: Question: As the single company enabling Azerbaijan to provide.... More

6 December is a communication and information technologies workers’ day

According to the order of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev December 6 is celebrated as a communication and information technologies w.... More

Caspian integration Business Club

On november 29 the companies with the Caspian integration Business Club (CIBC) hold the meeting with the Head of Information Resources and technologie.... More

Qurban Bayram

Delta Telecom LTD and wished you Happy Sacred Kurban Bayram! Kurban Holiday is the greatest Holiday in Islamic World, It has a big history and is c.... More

Day a professional holiday

Day a professional holiday of employees of Information and Communication Technology sector President signs order to set professional holiday of In.... More

The Conference named “Reliable Communication Networks and Security Issues” was held

The Conference named “Reliable Communication Networks and Security Issues” was held in city of Baku at Dan “ULDUZU” Conference hall of Park IN.... More

HughesNet 2007

On 15th of May on "Связь-Экспокомм-2007" exhibition held in Moscow, Russia Hughes Company conducted a seminar: "HughesNet 2007: new capa.... More

Eltek visited Azerbaijan

A global leader in telecom power Eltek visited our country for applying it’s advanced technologies. Purpose of the journey, implemented with invitat.... More

Bakutel 2006

The 12th Azerbaijan International Telecommunications and Information Technologies Exhibition - "Bakutel 2006" dedicated to the Telecommunications and .... More


Yesterday Research Education Network Association Conference and Workshop was held in city of Baku with the initiative and active support of NAT.... More

The World Information Society Day

It is known that establishment of Information Society is the main ideology of third millennium and presently the world is going through global informa.... More


General director of "Delta Telecom" Company, leading in the sphere of ICT in Azerbaijan, Ramazan Veliyev received an official invitation for the parti.... More

A new contract

A new contract with the amount of 2.400.000,00 USD has been signed between the companies Delta Telecom Ltd of Azerbaijan and Hughes network Systems.... More

Caspian Telecoms 2006

The 5th Anniversary - Turkey, Caspian & Black Sea Telecoms Exhibition & Conference - Turkey, Caspian, central Asian and Black Sea Regional Telecoms Co.... More

The end of "CeBIT 2006"

The International exhibition " CeBIT 2006", organized by Deutsche Messe AG was end on 15 March, in 2006. Representatives of leading companies from ma.... More

More information about CeBIT-2006

International Exhibition, dedicated to Communications and Information Technologies - "CeBIT-2006" is on the eve of the end. Computer and İnformation .... More