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New Microchips Convert Data Stored as Light Waves into Sound Waves

For the first time, digital information in the form of light waves has been converted into sound waves and placed into a microchip. The conversion pro.... More

Japan trials driverless cars in bid to keep rural elderly on the move

As the annual rice harvest begins this month in the Japanese town of Nishikata, the combines that usually putter along the sleepy roads lining its ric.... More

New artificial intelligence system can monitor your sleep with radio waves

Scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can monitor a persons sleep using ambient radio waves, without sensors attached to.... More

Premium SMS malware ExpensiveWall infected millions of Android handsets

Google has removed 50 malicious apps from the official Play Store after experts with security firm Check Point discovered a new malware, dubbed Expens.... More

3D Printed Aerospace Rocket Engine Successfully Tested by Australian Engineers

3D printing technology has shown its usefulness in a number of applications, but few sectors have benefited like the aerospace industry. The developme.... More

Chiasso, Switzerland Municipality to Allow Citizens to Pay Taxes in Bitcoin

The Swiss municipality of Chiasso has announced that it will accept tax payments in bitcoin from January 2018 onwards. The announcement signifies a fu.... More

Avast reports 40% increase in mobile cyberattacks

New research from Avast, the global leader in digital security products, reveals an uptick in attacks targeting Android smartphones and tablets, year .... More

New York City cops will replace their 36,000 Windows phones with iPhones

As new smartphone models hit the market this approaching autumn, its not only everyday consumers who are thinking of switching phones. The New York Ci.... More

Drones relay RFID signals for inventory control

Radio frequency ID tags were supposed to revolutionize supply chain management. The dirt-cheap, battery-free tags, which receive power wirelessly from.... More

Global wearables market to grow 17% in 2017

Analyst Gartner is expecting to see growth of 16.7 per cent, year-over-year, across the global wearables market this year, which encompasses a variety.... More

Meizu announces M6 Note smartphone with dual-lens camera

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu has released the M6 Note, a phone that on paper looks like it will will be a more wallet-friendly version of the.... More

AMD launches high end desktop processors with Ryzen Threadripper

AMD has released two models of Ryzen Threadripper high-end desktop processors, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X. The .... More

Massive DDoS attack lasts for 277 hours, highlighting growth of extended attacks on businesses

Extended DDoS attacks are back in business: Q2s longest attack was active for 277 hours, or more than 11 days, according to a new report from Kaspersk.... More

Novel technique using graphene to create solar cells

Imagine a future in which solar cells are all around us—on windows and walls, cell phones, laptops, and more. A new flexible, transparent solar cell.... More

The EU Ministers signed a Declaration for distribution 5G network

The Ministers for telecommunications of the 28 EU countries signed a Declaration aimed at promoting 5G network on its territory, according to the mate.... More

YouTube shutting down its video editor and photo slideshow tools on September 20

YouTube, being one of the largest platforms for viewing online video content, is all about helping users upload their own content to share with others.... More

Artificial intelligence has learned to understand body language

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon Universitys Robotics Institute have enabled a computer to understand body poses and movements of multiple people.... More

MIT space hotel wins NASA graduate design competition

An interdisciplinary team of MIT graduate students representing five departments across the Institute was recently honored at NASA s Revolutionary Aer.... More

IDC: Android Captures 85% Of Smartphone Market In Q1 2017

The latest set of figures from IDC shows that Android held 85 percent of the smartphone market in Q1 2017. Android has been in the first place for a n.... More

AI technologies will be in almost every new software product by 2020

Market hype and growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) are pushing established software vendors to introduce AI into their product strategy,.... More

Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending Forecast to Grow 2.4 Percent in 2017

Worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.5 trillion in 2017, a 2.4 percent increase from 2016, according to Gartner, Inc. This growth rate is up.... More

WhatsApp reportedly testing YouTube integration on iOS

WhatsApp will soon let you view YouTube videos without leaving the app. As of now if you tap on a YouTube video link, it forces you to open the YouTub.... More

Electricity consumption from EVS to raise manifold

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) has released its latest long-term forecast for the electric vehicle (EV) marketplace. The analysts are forecasting.... More

New Virtual Reality Display Uses Optical Mapping To Ease Eye Fatigue

A new type of 3D display being developed by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign could pave the way for augmented reality (AR.... More

Android 7.1 Nougat “Panic Detection” Mode Could Help Fight Rogue Apps

Its highly unlikely that youll come across a situation where a rogue application compromises your Android system, the same may not be true for billion.... More

This smart wallet has a built-in camera for catching thieves

Wallets already seem anachronistic. Theyre stuffed with paper currency, analog identification cards, and credit cards that are easily emulated by your.... More

paceX Falcon 9 launches with Intelsat 35e broadband satellite

SpaceX launched its third rocket in 12 days on Wednesday — just 48 hours after two successive dramatic last-second aborts on the launch pad. The t.... More

Toyota completes first in-home Human Support Robot trial in North America

Toyota recently wrapped up its first in-home trial in North America of its Human Support Robot platform. The robot, which goes by HSR for short, is on.... More

Chrome Dominates Browser Market Share

Most PCs may run some variant of Microsoft Windows operating system, but Googles Chrome browser still rules the internet browser roost. According to v.... More

Microsoft improves Offices hands-free typing with Dictate

Microsoft has released a new app called Dictate. Its an add-in for Word, Outlook and Powerpoint and uses Cortanas speech-recognition technology to let.... More