300 Mbps wireless Internet to operate in Azerbaijan by 2011

Delta Telecom intends to launch quite new Internet services by 2011.

The Company reports that currently it is debating on the occasion of making a business plan on wireless Internet services on the basis of WiMAX technology with speed 300 Mbps.

“This service will operate on the latest technology LTE. Introduction of such services is scheduled for the end of 2010,” Delta informs.

Delta Telecom is the leading telecom operator in the Caucasus region. It owns the largest Internet Backbone network in the region.

The backbone network’s platform is based modern technologies provides professional IP backbone services to all ISPs of Azerbaijan and more than 78% of Georgia.

The company’s DWDM network infrastructure covers all regional centers and international gates. More than three thousand VSAT stations provide high-speed Internet, data and telephony services in the regions inaccessible over terrestrial infrastructures. Delta Telecom’s achievements will also include being the first to deploy mobile WiMAX and IMS technologies.

2009-03-10 ||Fineko/abc.az