Happy Sacred Kurban Bayram!

Kurban Holiday is the greatest Holiday in Islamic World, It has a big history and is celebrated every year. This Holyday brings purity to all. It was told about this holiday in Koran’s suras:
‘Do Namaz and offerings for Lord above’, ‘Say that:’ Namaz that I do, my offerings, my life and my death is for Allah’,’ We made altar for every follower, so when people offer animals given them by the Lord above in sacrifice they will say the name of the Lord’. In story about Anas Ibn Malik it was told that Peygambar said: ‘the one who makes sacrifice after holiday’s namaz finishes the fast and is directed to Muslim’s way’.
Delta Telecom LTD in the person of Azerbaijanis wishes all Muslims Happy Kurban Holiday. May our Lord give favour to our compatriots and all Islamic World, we pray that next year Azerbaijan will celebrate Kurban Holiday together with our native Qarabakh. Let this Holyday bring livelihood to your home, love and purity to your soul! Happy Sacred Kurban Bayram!

2012-10-22 ||www.delta-telecom.net