HP came out on top on sales volume in the market of servers

The HP company became the leader on revenue in the market of servers with a capacity of 3,4 billion dollars following the results of the III quarter 2013 that is 2,2% more, than in the similar period of 2012, reports Gartner.
The share occupied by HP in the market, raised from 26,4% to 27,6%. The total amount of the server market made 12,3 billion dollars in the III quarter 2013 that is 2,1% less, than year before.
The former leader, the IBM company fell by the second place — the volume of its revenue in the market of servers made 2,8 billion dollars, is 18,9% less, than in the III quarter 2012, and the share in the market fell from 27,6% to 22,9%. Dell also entered the leading five on revenue volume, Cisco, and Oracle with sales volumes 2025, 599 and 500 million dollars respectively. Their share in the market makes now 16,4%, 4,9% and 4,1% respectively. Thus the Cisco company showed the most impressive growth — its turn in the third quarter 2013 exceeded indicators of similar quarter of last year for 42,7%.