EPEG project launched commercially

The co-founders of an international consortium - Rostelekom, Vodafone, Telecommunications Infrastructure Company (TIC) and Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel) have announced the commercial launch of fiber-optic cable system Europe - Persia Express Gateway (EPEG).
EPEG project is one of the most important international projects supported by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The project is implemented with the participation of Azerbaijan’s first backbone company Delta Telecom.
The consortium created for the construction of an international cable line, which connects Europe and the Middle East from Frankfurt to Barka (Sultanate of Oman), includes operators Cable & Wireless, TIC and Omantel.
The testing of the highway has been carried out since January of this year, and now last completion work is being carried out within the project.
Consortium on the implementation of the project was established in May 2011.The highway built by Cable & Wireless connects Europe with Ukraine to the border of Russia and from the Russian-Ukrainian border to Azerbaijan and through Azerbaijan to Iran. Company TIC is responsible for the construction of fiber-optic line between Iran and the Persian Gulf, and company Omantel is responsible for the construction of the segment until Oman. The planned network capacity of the new highway is 0.5 Tbit / s. The total length of the EPEG network is 6 thousand km, the total price of the project is $200 million.
The construction of Azerbaijani segment has been implemented by the country’s first Internet backbone company Delta Telecom.3 million euros was spent on the purchase of the equipment only for the construction of the international fiber-optic line within the segment. Azerbaijan’s accession to the project will enable the country’s largest primary provider Delta Telecom to send traffic at a speed of 3.2 Tbit / s., which will have a positive impact on the speed and quality of Internet services in the country.

2013-09-11 ||mincom.gov.az